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כי תמלא הארץ לדעת את־כבוד יהוה כמים יכסו על־ים

For the earth will be filled with knowledge of The Kabod YHWH, as the waters cover the sea.

Habakkuk 2:14

The Sea of Galilee, Israel



Have you heard the Trinity is a "mystery"? Do you have questions about this important theology? The Bible has the answers. This website provides biblical conclusions from an ongoing, comprehensive research project: examining every single data point in the Bible relating to God's nature. It endeavors to be the most extensive exegetical engagement of Trinity ever undertaken.

The Bible is a deep ocean. Responsible exegesis must be slow and thorough. Rather than delaying years to publish a giant tome, partial material is provided now so truth-seekers may benefit from a free resource where hard questions are answered definitively.

Because the word of God does not contradict itself, enough research has already been done to determine the biblical testimony: God is triune. This was not a presupposed conclusion (see the Testimony below). It is, however, the conclusion demanded by the biblical evidence.


Wiping the slate clean.

Following only biblical data.


How can we know what

the Bible means?


Discover others who teach 

truth about God's triunity.

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